About Us


In developed markets, companies that provide or consume energy are increasingly faced with the need to expand, upgrade or replace their existing energy infrastructure amidst evolving environmental policies, improving system efficiencies, and volatile commodity price movements.
These changes create challenges but also great opportunity for governments, businesses and individuals alike to improve the way they secure and provide energy in a more sustainable way for the decades ahead.

Towards this end, we provide two key types of structured finance offerings for mobile and modular energy infrastructure:


NewPath works with manufacturers and end-user customers to engineer and structure a uniquely attractive, low-cost financing alternatives. Operating leases can range in duration and can also incorporate extension and buyout provisions for certain asset types.


NewPath can structure a uniquely cost effective total cost of ownership alternative for its end-users and clients. The structures employed may also involve tax optimization as well as pure financing optimization. Capital leases can range in duration from 5-20 years, depending on equipment, use and credit of lessee. Early buyout provisions can also be crafted into leases to provide lessees with ultimate flexibility.